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Maps of England, Scotland and Wales, UK, showing railways, mines and airfields.
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Keymap of England, Scotland and Wales UK

New National Grid Squares 25 September 2022

Original maps from 2011 arranged in single sheets

Original website started as "Waggonways in North East England" on Yahoo Geocities in 2004.
Transferred to Google Sites in 2009
Neocities Website started 01 January 2021, with 1,353,670 pageviews by 14 June 2024.

Work in Progress - Square SX (Bodmin, Exeter, Plymouth & Torquay)

Squares SS3 and SS4 (Bude, Barnstaple, Minehead & Tiverton) completed 17 May 2024.

Square ST (Cardiff, Bristol, Taunton & Yeovil) completed 03 May 2024.

Square SZ (Isle of Wight) completed 16 March 2024.

Square SU (Swindon, Reading, Salisbury & Portsmouth) completed 13 March 2024.

Nottingham Express Transit added 10 January 2024.

Square SK completing rivers, canals & main roads.

Square SP (Birmingham & Oxford) completed, 28 December 2023.

Sheffield Supertram added, 23 October 2023.

Squares SE, TA, TF, TG, TL and TM redrawn to single maps 10km square. Some maps taking a while to refresh, 18 October 2023

Squares TQ and TR redrawn to single tiles. Some tiles taking a while to refresh, 23 September 2023

Squares SO2 and SO4 (Wolverhampton, Worcester & Gloucester) completed 21 June 2023

Squares SO1, SO3 and part of ST1 (Newtown, Abergavenny & Cardiff) completed 21 April 2023

Squares SS1 & SS2 (Manorbier, Swansea & Bridgend) completed 04 February 2023

Square SN (Aberystwyth & Carmarthen) completed 07 January 2023

Square SM4 (Fishguard & Pembroke) completed 20 September 2022

Number of files limit reached, redrawing some maps to 10km squares, August 2022.

Square SH (Holyhead, Pwllheli, Dolgellau & Llandudno) completed 31 July 2022.

Square TR (Canterbury & Dover) completed 16 May 2022.

Square TQ (London, Brighton, Southend-on-Sea & Hastings) completed 05 May 2022.

Square TM (Lowestoft & Ipswich) completed 02 April 2022.

Square TG3 (Cromer, Norwich & Great Yarmouth) completed 30 January 2022.

Squares TL2 & TL4 (Ely, Newmarket, Bury St Edmunds & Colchester ), completed 11 January 2022.

Square TQ1 online, updated 23 September 2023. Central London